HFR - Hôpital de Fribourg

Optimise communication by simplifying access to information.

Improve communication with the public and professionals

With a redesigned and modernised website

Created in 2007, the Hôpital de Fribourg (HFR) is a public hospital with five sites spread across the entire territory of the canton of Friborg. Committed to the health of the population, it welcomes more than 100,000 patients per year. Nearly 3,500 employees work within the HFR and all pursue a common goal: to provide quality services and guarantee patients the best possible care in the areas of inpatient, outpatient and emergency care.

The project aimed to create a new website at the height of the institution, completely overhauled and modernised. Simplified navigation and restructured pages: the HFR wanted to provide its patients, their families and doctors in or in training with all the information about the hospital.

The main objectives have therefore been to improve communication with the public and professionals as well as to highlight the training offer and clinical research activities.


The challenge

Successfully targeting different audiences and meeting their specific needs

The initial design having been created by another agency, it was important to succeed in interpreting the models, but above all to succeed in adapting them to the moment of development and the emergence of technical or functional constraints during the integration.

Finding the right balance between forcing a strong structure to ensure uniformity, while allowing freedom to different departments and services was also a big challenge. Indeed, the website was intended to present the hospital as a whole, but also the 5 sites (Billens, Friborg, Meyriez - Morat, Riaz and Tavel). Also, given the size of the institution, the audiences are different and each has very varied needs which it is important to meet in the simplest and most appropriate way possible.

Finally, technically, it was necessary to allow perfect synchronisation with the internal human resources database.

Solutions and technologies

Humanise the world of health through a clear and efficient site centered on its users

The project was designed to respond to two essential aspects of the HFR: to present the know-how and skills of its specialists, while highlighting what sets it apart, namely its human values and its proximity to the people of Fribourg.

A powerful search engine

HFR moteur de recherche

User-oriented, it has been designed with different inputs to services, whether by medical specialties, by clinics, in alphabetical order, by theme or by hospital site. The aim was to provide rapid access to essential information, for example in an emergency.

Enhanced accessibility

HFR Accessibilité

It was essential that all the information be easily accessible and special care was given to the mobile version of the site, which allows rapid use on mobile phones and tablets.

Organised and lively information

HFR Humain

In terms of content, essential information is highlighted, illustrated by behind-the-scenes photos of the hospital. The latter are also featured in the blog posts, which aims to play down and humanise the medical world. 150 articles were published during the first year following the launch of the site.

A space dedicated to doctors

HFR Espace medecin

The site also meets the needs of installed doctors with a dedicated space that brings together all the information, as well as contacts and documents concerning them. This interface allows in particular facilitated searches for services.

A solution designed on a Drupal structure

Technically, the site has been developed with Drupal 8, Apache Solr search and the integration of various webservices. The main specialties are:

  • content management said by component
  • cross-sectional classifications
  • the integration of the personnel directory (faceted search, autocompletion, automatic sync)
  • a side menu with blog article feedback
  • emergency occupancy rate (updated automatically every 5 min)
  • blog posts and news
  • posting of the events calendar
  • the possibility of registering online for training
  • the Babysmile WebService
  • sharing documents such as annual reports
  • publication of job offers

Key figures of the first year

More than 1000000.
More than 150.
published articles

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Let's discuss your project together

Based in Geneva, our digital experts look forward to discussing your strategic challenges and objectives. We regularly organise presentations at our client's sites and would be delighted to come and meet you.