Our experiences, our technologies and our approach all converge towards the creation of solutions, certainly tailor-made, but integrating standardised components where possible.

Inovae supports and guides you in the realisation and creation of your website. We collaborate with multinationals, non-profit organisations, international organisations and even SMEs throughout French-speaking Switzerland (Geneva, Lausanne, Fribourg etc.).

Nothing excites us more than designing your solution with you from the get-go. From proven standard to innovative singularity, we can integrate the necessary components for the success of your project. We create long-term scalable solutions and it is certainly possible to start from standard development and then integrate custom elements into it.

Discover below the different types of website that we are used to creating:

Fully editable website
Take control of your digital platform!

Robust editing tools that give great freedom. Based on our many years of experience in contact with our customers, we have gathered a set of very effective and robust solutions that meet 80% of the needs of a world-class website (multilingualism, security, accessibility, diversity content, multiple integrations with web services including social networks). We will thus be able to focus the budget on the 20% of specificities and deliver to your digital communication team a powerful tool, allowing them to quickly deliver rich and efficient pages!

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Immersive website
Offer your visitors an experience of excellence!

Pages designed down to the smallest detail to achieve their goal. Whether for a few key pages or for your entire site, aim for excellence in every detail and offer your visitors immersive pages while optimizing efficiency to meet your objectives. This excellence requires the combination of multiple know-how.

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Event website
Give scale to your event!

The main objectives of websites presenting major events are to effectively reach targets, make everyone want to participate and unite a community. An event site must be efficient, attractive and well integrated with social networks to maximise its reach.

Depending on the needs, many features bring the event to life and develop  the notoriety it deserves: program, news, media, social networks, registrations, activity map, personalised viral campaigns, access plan, online payment, etc.

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Website for museums
Open your museum collections to your audience!

After allowing access to practical information (timetables, prices, online reservations and temporary exhibitions) and basic institutional communication, these websites are now transformed into a real platform for participatory cultural mediation. Indeed, the arrival of more intuitive, more immersive websites, and above all, which allow access to all the collections in digital version is revolutionising access to culture and empowering the user. Numerous features make exploring collections fun and lively (advanced search engine, zoom tool, contextual navigation, downloads of images and documents, etc.) but also provide a personalised experience for users ( favorites, creation of public galleries, sharing of works on social networks, etc.).

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Advanced search and data visualisation
Give access to complex and numerous data!

OpenData, OpenGov, education, empowerment, awareness ...

More and more data should be accessible online. It is a great vector of information for your audiences but also of visibility for your organisation. Its online presentation and the search options in this data are essential to enhance your value and offer visitors a satisfactory service and experience.

Databases, advanced searches, infographics, visualisations ...

The appropriate solution depends on the nature of the data, the objectives sought and the context of consultation by the visitors. Each solution must also be the subject of particular care in the choice of options and their combination.

Efficiency and performance objective? Let's build the future, together.

Efficiency and performance objective? Let's build the future, together.