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Benefit from robust editing tools

That give great freedom

As an expert web development agency, we have designed a solution called Cappuccino, built on this open source framework renowned for its flexibility and security standards. This standardised base allows us to optimise your project. The benefits are fast delivery of proven functionality, no licensing fees and savings on core development. We can then focus on the specifics of your project and its support.

To deliver new content for your site quickly and efficiently, your team needs powerful tools that give them a lot of freedom to compose pages while guaranteeing quality. The component approach integrated in Cappuccino is an excellent solution.

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Kian Rieben
Kian Rieben
Director & Partner
Expert opinion

By listening to hundreds of publishers and site owners, we have developed all the solutions integrated into Cappuccino. This is why this solution meets the needs of our clients so well today.

The advantages

A new editing experience

The component approach adopted by Cappuccino gives your editors advanced editing capabilities while ensuring the final rendering, allowing them to quickly deliver new things on their own.

Total freedom on design

The graphic identity of your site is not standardised. The component approach provides editing tools but leaves freedom on their formatting. Integration into a design system is also facilitated.

Compliance with standards

The standards of accessibility, ergonomics, search engine optimisation (SEO), integration with social networks (OpenGraph) are integrated into each component.

Controlled costs and reduced production time

With all of these features already integrated, the time devoted to the project is invested in what makes you unique. Once the site is delivered, content production is also accelerated.

Easy to use

Thanks to intuitive editing interfaces and an adapted tutorial, your editors will quickly be at ease in using these tools. No need to master the code, of course. Your editors will love it!

No evolution limit

Any adaptation or addition of functionality is possible. The site is open source and entirely yours. The technologies are designed to offer total freedom.

The features

Cappuccino covers 80% of the features acclaimed by 80% of our customers. Cappuccino's functional richness makes it a very relevant solution for large-scale sites with varied needs and high-quality requirements.

A wide variety of editing components
For rich and efficient pages

Standard editing components, called paragraphs, allow you to build attractive pages with well-organised content. Specific paragraphs can be developed to meet your needs.

Cappuccino Paragraphs
Centralised multimedia management
Images, videos, sounds, files

A library to organise your media and use them to illustrate your content.

Creation of online forms
Survey, registration, contact form...

Create online forms in a few clicks and collect data! Whether for a survey, registration for an event or even access to a white paper, you can create the form that suits you in several languages. Multiple options exist with mandatory or optional fields, automatic email notifications, opening / closing dates, etc. The data will be usable directly online, exportable in CSV (Excel) format or even usable via integration with your CRM.

Integration with social networks
To boost the visibility of your site and its impact
  • Integration of flows from social networks on your site (example here)
  • Integration of OpenGraph standards for efficient rich snippets.
  • Sharing option to social networks.
  • Component to provide ready-to-use posts.
Manage translations in all languages

Translate your site into multiple languages including non-Latin languages and read right to left.

Publishing workflow, roles and permissions
Manage your users and processes

Drupal offers all the flexibility necessary to manage your users with each of the roles and associated permissions that will allow you to distinguish the responsibilities of each. You can create as many roles as needed and assign them to as many permissions as needed. It is also possible to have different statuses for the contents (draft, ready for proofreading, ready for validation, validated, published, archived, etc.) and, for example, to give certain roles the right to publish for example. The content is subject to a revision system which makes it possible to revert to an old version in the event of an error, for example. It is even possible to have granular control over read and edit permissions for each  field within the same type of content.

Security and data protection
To protect your site from any attack

Drupal is a highly regarded system for its excellence in security. Cappuccino includes:

  • Anti-spam protection for forms.
  • Compliance with GDPR directives (for example regarding cookies).
  • Code is revised and audited to meet all safety standards.
SEO, Analytics, Accessibility
Control the effective performance of your content

Content is king and we must ensure that it is formatted by respecting a certain number of formal rules to guarantee accessibility and good SEO on search engines. It is also necessary to monitor its performance and, if necessary, adapt the content to optimise it. Cappuccino integrates good SEO and accessibility practices into all of these components and allows you to integrate your analysis tools (Google analytics, Matomo, etc.).

Unlimited integrations
With any external service

Digital development is moving more and more towards the integration of external services. Whether for your newsletter, an interactive map, a data feed, etc. you need to be able to easily integrate it into your site. The technical base of Drupal with its API and its REST json integration is totally adapted to this "micro-services" context. In addition, the technical architecture of Cappuccino has been designed for code optimisation in an evolving multi-site context.

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Based in Geneva, our digital experts look forward to discussing your strategic challenges and objectives.
We regularly organise presentations at our clients' sites and would be delighted to come and meet you.


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Kian Rieben

Kian Rieben
Director & Partner

Let's discuss your project together

Based in Geneva, our digital experts look forward to discussing your strategic challenges and objectives. We regularly organise presentations at our client's sites and would be delighted to come and meet you.