Our values

The pillars of our commitment

Collective Intelligence

At Inovae, we believe in the power of group cohesion and collective intelligence. Together we like to take up and overcome challenges: help and complement each other to develop the best web solutions.


No nonsense

We put our expertise at your service, and you can always count on our critical thinking if we need to challenge a brief, come up with other ideas, explain to you why you might be wrong and to question our own thinking too, in order to achieve a better result.



Tying customers down with programs that only we have the secret to is not part of our approach. This is why we always favour open-source tools such as Drupal, proven to build the ecosystem of our solutions. Active in the community, we believe in the spirit of collaboration, transparency and the collective good.


Vector of success 

Our highest priority is to satisfy our customers by efficiently and consistently delivering high value-added web solutions. Our methodology is based on the agile culture and allows us to offer more flexibility by welcoming changes positively and transforming them into competitive advantages


Focus on client

For us, each client is unique, and we are committed to immersing ourselves into your universe to fully understand your web needs and issues. We cultivate this desire to create strong partnerships based on close human relationships. We like to build long-term relationships and identify ourselves as an extension of the client team.



Inovae considers social and societal issues to be a central element of its identity. We strongly believe in the importance of balancing economic efficiency, social equity and environmental accountability. Our commitment is felt through our portfolio which brings together many NGOs and we are always committed to helping them in their mission to create a better world.

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