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3 September 2020 - by Amandine Buisson
Amandine Buisson
Image d'un Réseau Social d'Entreprise développé par Inovae 2020

Our solutions for optimizing digital workspaces and exchanges via platforms that put the employee at the center.

New generation intranet platforms, based on collective intelligence and corporate collaborative networks.

The key objective of these solutions is to instill a dynamic of change and enthusiasm in employees who will be able to use their knowledge for the benefit of their peers and the organisation and to satisfy their desire to be involved in their work. The opportunities are the improvement of communication, the strengthening of the link between employees, the sharing of knowledge, the simplifying of exchanges within teams and the creation of real corporate news.

Passionate about collaborative platforms, Inovae has developed an important expertise in designing solutions to boost its clients' communication and help them federate their communities.

Our work is based on open-source technologies (no subscription), intuitive ergonomics and innovative and fully customizable features.

Do you want an alternative to SharePointLaravel, Teams? Do you want discussion spaces such as LinkedIn or Facebook for your organisation? Would a Slack or Whatsapp equivalent be welcome?

This is a topic in which Inovae is passionate about and we offer enterprise collaborative networking solutions to encourage and leverage this powerful potential for collaboration across your organization.


You can discover our solution at the following link:

Recently, we have created collaborative platforms for Infosan, HES-SO Geneva, Ecolint and HUG. Visit our study cases to discover our projects!

Amandine Buisson
Amandine Buisson
Communication & Marketing manager

Spécialiste en communication, les forces d'Amandine sont la compréhension des besoins du client et le développement de stratégies marketing créatives.

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