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Ateliers Vaucher

Immerse visitors in a universe of arts and creation

Since 1978, the Ateliers Olivier Vaucher have embellished elements of watches and jewelry by infusing them with an authentic artistic dimension. Located in the heart of Geneva, they have developed a method where the traditional gesture blends with modern technology to invent new shapes and original renderings.

Mastering more than 17 artisan craft, the Ateliers Olivier Vaucher have learned to make people dream at first sight.

The objective was to succeed in transporting users to this magical world and making them discover a whole range of artisanal and technological know-how through a site with a strong visual impact.


The challenges

Over time, the brand have extended their mastery of the historic professions of watchmaking and jewelry, so much so that the company today offers the broadest range of skills united under one roof.

It was essential to succeed in bringing to life, at the heart of the site as well as at the heart of the workshops, the 5 skills that come together to give life to exceptional pieces. Thanks to a structured and easy navigation, visitors can discover the 5 universes of the workshop:

  • Engraving art
  • Color art
  • Design and creation
  • Technology
  • Stones and mother-of-pearl

Another important challenge was to combine a strong visual and emotional site with a solution that offers full content editing capacity.


Solutions and technologies

Visual creation and image work

In order to illustrate the exceptional know-how of Ateliers Olivier Vaucher, a professional photo shoot was required. The talented Henri-Frédéric Rochat, a photographer quick to capture detail, captured the moment of the perfect gesture.

A thoughtful interface

Respect the visual strength and the intrinsic creativity of the pieces for a sober and elegant charter.

Flexibility and ergonomics

A flexible design that allows the creation of unique and tailor-made pages. Great graphic and ergonomic consistency that allows intuitive navigation.

A palette full of contrasts

Favor dark backgrounds to give the images some sparkle. Bring the blue with light touches to highlight the content.


A carefully selected typography

A real bridge between traditional and contemporary, the typographies are optimised for comfortable reading of content in desktop and mobile versions.


Mobile friendly

Because consultation on mobile is essential, the site has been entirely designed responsive for an optimal experience on all screen sizes. The user thus has access to all content with a presentation adapted to his browsing habits.


Drupal's strength at the service of publishers

  • Agility
  • Flexibility
  • Security

With great expertise in the field, Inovae has been able to make the most of Drupal's functionalities without making compromises in terms of design and ergonomics.

Easy editing

Publishing made easy with clear and quick access to editing functions for every item.

Layout 'à la carte'

The Paragraphs module is used to its full potential in this layered design, giving the editor a lot of flexibility. He is free to choose with the layout of the elements that best serve the texts and images.

Strength of a community CMS

Drupal is one of the most adaptable CMS on the market. It benefits from a particularly active community, ensuring constant and high quality development. Using an open source solution like Drupal guarantees product flexibility and future cost control.


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