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Today, websites are becoming real platforms of participative cultural mediation and are becoming rich extensions of cultural places. Art and heritage are told, studied and valued.

Inovae has extensive experience in working with cultural institutions and is familiar with their challenges. This allows us to focus our efforts on the specificities of your project and on a close support.

Immersive and intuitive, our digital solutions offer a lively and playful digital access to your collections and propose a personalized experience to your audience. They also make life easier for your editorial teams. For more freedom and independence, we favor open source. We create custom, scalable and secure web solutions for our clients, based on proven technologies such as Drupal, Symfony or React.

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Digital audit

Don't know where you stand? Have us evaluate the real effectiveness of your digital presence. We will make a list of concrete recommendations to achieve your strategic objectives.


Stand out from the crowd! Based on your needs and the expectations of your audience, we design for you, a custom application and performance, spearheading your online presence.

UX and Design

Provide an intuitive and immersive experience for your users. We hone the visual and functional consistency of your interfaces to ensure a unique experience for your different audiences.


Boost your online business. Increase your resources by streamlining your online transactions through an attractive and secure platform for your marketing techniques.

Collaborative network

Build commitment and engagement. Employees, partners, and other stakeholders: empower them to collaborate better and contribute effectively to your overall goals.

Instant messaging

Facilitate exchanges and problem solving in real time! Your employees can easily access the conversations that interest them (filter, search engine).


Extend your impact with a centralized contact platform. A source of trust and intelligence, it allows you to deliver a personalized experience without space constraints.


Facilitate and enrich learning. We support you in the implementation of a flexible learning management system (LMS), stimulating assimilation, commitment and motivation.


Organize, secure, track, collaborate. Dematerialize your document management and gain efficiency with a secure electronic document management system.

Isabelle Naef Galuba
Isabelle Naef Galuba
Ariana Museum, Geneva City

The Inovae team was a real force of proposal in the framework of our "Online Collections" project. We worked in collective intelligence mode to find concerted solutions, both on user experience issues and on the adequacy of the interfaces. Inovae helped us to reach a priority objective for the Ariana Museum: to offer a good digital accessibility to the users of the site.


We help you to:

Bring the museum to life

Produce content (videos, audios, analyses, testimonials, etc.) so that visitors can prepare their visit beforehand, but also come and find additional information after the visit on works or artists that they liked. The website serves as a link between the different visits by integrating market dimensions (ticket purchases, online store) and non-market dimensions (newsletters, virtual visit of the museum, specialised files, games, etc.).

Provide access to knowledge

This accessibility dimension is even more essential today with the health crisis and repeated closures. Opening the doors to museums and allowing everyone to discover treasures from their sofa makes perfect sense. The online collections also make it possible to highlight all the unexposed works and the archives. An unlimited source of knowledge available to Internet users, researchers, teachers and art and history lovers.

Create a link with your community

The website makes it possible to create interactions with members of the community by offering fun and educational content: virtual exhibitions, events, games, online quizzes, campaigns on social networks, etc.

Offer a real virtual visit experience

Multiple tools make it possible to create an immersive and personalised experience for each visitor. Depending on his desire, the visitor can dynamically discover the works in their smallest details, co-construct certain elements, get lost behind the scenes, create his own gallery, share his favorite works, etc.

Key features

Advanced search engine

To offer a dynamic allowing a simple research of the works for the amateurs, while offering to the academics a tool developed to carry out fine research on precise criteria (example: research by color).

Contextualised navigation

Allow navigation between works following several entry points (gallery, search result, list of works of an author, basket, etc...).

Personalised experience

Reinforce interactivity with the possibility of creating your own gallery of works (bookmarking), sharing your favorite works with other enthusiasts, ordering your HD images or downloading your selection in pdf format.

Zoom tool

Discover the works in the smallest details thanks to a powerful zoom, coupled with an IFF server.

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Based in Geneva, our digital experts look forward to discussing your strategic challenges and objectives.
We regularly organise presentations at our clients' sites and would be delighted to come and meet you.


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Kian Rieben

Kian Rieben
Director & Partner

Let's discuss your project together

Based in Geneva, our digital experts look forward to discussing your strategic challenges and objectives. We regularly organise presentations at our client's sites and would be delighted to come and meet you.