Digital Audit

Let's assess together the actual effectiveness of your digital presence to achieve your strategic goals.

In an accelerating world, you have to constantly innovate and question yourself. A digital audit is essential for any entity to survive in an increasingly competitive economic market. Our digital agency in Geneva will help you to analyse several aspects of your digital presence:

  • Identify gaps in your visibility on search engines.
  • Measure the effectiveness of your home page to immerse visitors and quickly capture their attention.
  • Analyse user journeys and the site's ability to present the right content at the right time.
  • Measure the technological reliability and efficiency of content management tools.

A methodical process to find pragmatic solutions

  • Initial interview

    In order to understand your objectives, your context and identify the frustrations caused by your current tools, we start each audit with a discussion with you and your teams. Our experts will ask you the right questions to quickly target your needs.

  • Visibility (SEO)
    • Evaluate the visibility and notoriety of the site.
    • Analyse the positioning of the site and its image in relation to its competitive environment.
    • Observe the practices put in place by competitors.
    • Study the relevant keywords, their popularity and possible indexing difficulties.
    • Analyse editorial content and page structures for referencing.
    • Observe activity on social networks and online reputation.
  • User experience
    • Verification of the information and navigation architecture.
    • Analysis of user behavior and journeys.
    • Checking impediments to good navigation of the website.
    • Evaluation of the ergonomics of the site on tablets and smartphones.
    • Verification of the readability of the contents.
    • Control of accessibility standards (handicap standards).
  • Technical
    • Analyse the technical infrastructure of the site and the content management system (CMS).
    • Control the page loading speed.
    • Check the hosting agreements
    • Identify redirection errors.
    • Analyse compatibility with accessibility standards.
    • Check compatibility with mobile devices.
    • Detect security breaches.
  • Detailed report

    A detailed document will be given to you with the report of all the points we analysed. You can ask us all the questions you want... and that you never dared to ask. During this meeting, we will also discuss with you some avenues for reflection concerning the next actions to be taken to make your digital presence an effective communication tool.

Need experts to take stock of your digital business model?

Need experts to take stock of your digital business model?