Collaborative network - Smart intranet

New generation intranet platforms, based on collective intelligence and corporate collaborative networks

Do you want an alternative to SharePoint, Laravel, Teams? Do you want discussion spaces such as LinkedIn or Facebook for your organisation? Would a Slack or Whatsapp equivalent be welcome?

The key objective of these solutions is to instill a dynamic of change and enthusiasm in employees who will be able to use their knowledge for the benefit of their peers and the organisation and to satisfy their desire to be involved in their work. The opportunities are the improvement of communication, the strengthening of the link between employees, the sharing of knowledge, the simplifying of exchanges within teams and the creation of real corporate news.

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less time to find the right information
fewer employees leaving
fewer support tickets
  • Empower your employees to find a better solution faster (and to adapt it collaboratively).
  • Uncover hidden knowledge and informal skill networks. Encourage and value this performance mechanism.
  • Foster initiative and individual commitment within the group (community of practice / experts) and take advantage of this collective intelligence.
  • Attract and retain talent for whom these tools are an essential natural extension.

Key features

Knowledge-sharing... accelerate the discovery of solutions

  • Collaborative writing, wiki, expert articles, resource sharing.
  • Automatic or manual classifications.
  • Open, closed or even secret groups.
  • Personalised reading recommendations.
  • Collaborative watch.

Social features... support an organic dynamic

  • Walls of activities to take the pulse of the community and keep informed of new contributions.
  • Events to organise meetings, seminars, workshops and extend discussions after the event.
  • Instant messaging like WhatsApp for exchanges that require high responsiveness.
  • Social feedback to identify quality content (collective intelligence).

Community management... gain adoption and include all stakeholders

  • Onboarding, rewards, robot community manager, gamification to increase employee motivation and participation.
  • Analytics and KPIs to monitor adoption and adjust support for change.
  • Possibility of also deploying a classic top-down communication to integrate the intranet part of the internal communication.
  • Possibility of partially opening the platform to the outside (partners, external experts, general public, etc.).
  • User-friendly interfaces consistent with popular online services for optimal adoption.

Open source technologies...

...for uncompromising freedom of development

  • A platform entirely based on the best open source technologies.
  • No dependence on Inovae.
  • No license fees, you only pay for our services (change support, custom development, security maintenance).
  • Integration possible with your existing systems (CRM, ERP, AD ...).
  • Unlimited development possibilities.

Discover our solution!

Check the demo

Do you want to instill a culture of change within your company?

Do you want to instill a culture of change within your company?