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Optimise each project to get the essential
We have created standardised products built on open source frameworks. The benefits are the quick delivery of proven features without license fees as well as savings on basic developments. We can then focus on the specifics of the project and its support.
Digital audit
A methodical process for pragmatic solutions

The objective of the audit is to improve your existing digital business model and develop complementary areas. Our team of experts methodically analyzes your site in order to detect any problems with visibility, ergonomics or maintenance. Our expertise brings you a fresh perspective, new ideas and a transparent and professional description of the strengths and weaknesses of your site as well as concrete recommendations to optimise your investments.

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Pillar of the digital strategy

Nothing excites us more than designing your solution with you from the get-go. From proven standard to innovative singularity, we can integrate the necessary components for the success of your project. We create long-term scalable solutions and it is certainly possible to start from standard development and then integrate custom elements into it.

Discover below the different types of website that we are used to creating:

Fully editable website

Take control of your digital platform!

Immersive website

Offer your visitors an experience of excellence!

Event website

Give scale to your event!

Website for museums

Open your museum collections to your audience!

Website for advanced research and data visualisation

Collaborative network - intranet / extranet
Collective innovation lever

Nowadays, knowledge management is a major issue for organisations and are therefore a development opportunity to be explored. This approach aims to activate organisational intelligence in the organisation and create an institutional memory for the sharing and reuse of knowledge. We offer a solution based on Open Source platforms to encourage and take advantage of this powerful potential for collaboration applied to your entire organisation.

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Design System
At the heart of your digital efficiency

At Inovae, we quickly understood the value of the Design System, which we place at the heart of our projects to improve both efficiency and productivity. Between identity guidelines, ergonomic best practices and editorial charts, the Design System constitutes a set of rules and UX and UI components whose primary objective is to create a coherent user experience, and thus maximise homogeneity.

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Targeted marketing campaigns
Optimise your messages by adapting them to each target

Distributing a marketing campaign to reach a large audience poses challenges in terms of image consistency, compliance with guidelines and relevance of messages. At Inovae, we understand the complexity of managing successful, targeted campaigns and developed a tool that makes it easy for companies to personalise their campaigns by ensuring brand consistency and effectively delivering the right message to the right audience.

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Invest in your autonomy and the skills of your team

Sharing knowledge is the best path to autonomy. Whether for your web editors, your marketing / communication managers, your project managers, your developers, we offer very practical and tailor-made training.

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Visibility (SEO, SEM)
Boost your SEO to reach your target

An efficient site is good... but an efficient and well-referenced site is better! In the jungle of the internet, improving your website's ranking on search engines is crucial in order to stand out from the crowd. Keywords, link building or even Google Ads, our digital marketing specialists perfect your site so that you are always at the top of the results. We work with measurable data and key performance indicators. Everything is adjusted so that the set budget maximises your return on investment.

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