Tip # 4 – Rocket.chat, the open source collaborative messaging tool

13 August 2020 - by Amandine Buisson
Amandine Buisson
Rocket Chat, image d'illustration - Inovae 2020

Expert in digital solutions and collaborative tools, Inovae has decided to share its experience and give you some tips on the tools that can make you more efficient. Today, we want to highlight the team communication software Rocket.chat.

In our first article dedicated to collaborative tools, Inovae presented the platform Slack. Today, we want to talk about one of its competitors: Rocket.chat, created in 2015.

It is a free, open-source, scalable, highly customizable, and secure platform that allows you to communicate and collaborate with your team, share files, and chat in real-time. Like Slack, the solution offers live chat, free audio and video conferencing, channels, guest access, screen sharing, and file sharing.

For companies, the objectives of the solution are:

  • simplify the communication between employees
  • optimize the exchange methodology between teams
  • centralize all exchanges and information
  • modernize internal communication solutions


Rocket.chat, an open source solution

Active in the open source community, Inovae is convinced by the spirit of collaboration and collective good. We always favor open source tools to build the ecosystem of our solutions.

According to Gabriel Engel, CEO of Rocket.chat, it is precisely its open-source aspect that allows them to continuously innovate: ‘Our main drive for innovation is the large community that has gathered around our platform, our product. Currently, 1500+ developers worldwide bring their own ideas and help us to implement new features. We’ve never dreamed of building such a collaborative ecosystem! That’s what drives our innovation: the collaboration with a community that’s not just composed by enthusiasts. Our community includes governments, highly-regulated industries, high-tech companies, banks, and developers collaborating to add extra features and improve Rocket.chat.’

Having free access to its source code allows great freedom and additional control. It is possible to customize, extend or add new features and thus, meet the specific needs of your team or company. In addition, the Rocket.chat license allows you to be completely free in terms of branding and design.

You can find full details of the solution on the Rocket.chat site below and find out about the solution by scheduling an online demo.


Amandine Buisson
Amandine Buisson
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