Tip #3 - Faveeo, the first AI-driven trusted content platform

20 July 2020 - by Amandine Buisson
Amandine Buisson
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Expert in digital solutions and collaborative tools, Inovae has decided to share its experience and give you some tips on the tools that can make you more efficient. Today, we want to highlight the collaborative web and social media monitoring platform Faveeo.


Based in Geneva and launched in 2012, Faveeo is a content discovery tool that changes the way we find information about our interests and passions. The solution has been created by a great team of passionate and (as they describe themselves 😉) hardcore geeks based on two sociologists, two software engineers and a physicist.

According to Alexis Dufresne, the CEO of Faveeo : ‘the objective is to provide the right content, to the right people, at the right time, by being able to understand your specific needs, about specific topics. This is exactly what drives us.’


Faveeo proposes 2 solutions named ‘Essentials’ and ‘Horizons’.


Essentials, the influencers Review

In this context of information overload (also known as infobesity), it's getting nearly impossible to quickly access trusted and meaningful content easily without spending way too much time filtering and following social media by yourself. Faveeo knows that your time is precious and it simplifies the social media insights by highlighting key metrics and trends from influencers in your industry.

The tool is an artificial intelligence bot that filters social media for you and finds who and what matters, on specific topics, by focusing on the most trusted accounts (as opposed as the most popular accounts, like everyone else does!). Popularity is too easy to fake today and can be meaningless; what the system does is basically analysing expertise networks to uncover the most reliable sources on key topics. Essentials extracts for you the best content selected and published by the influencers of the industry to highlight only the news you can't afford to miss about innovation and the digital disruption.

Essentials is free and you can start discovering it!


Capture d'écran de la plateforme Faveeo - Inovae 2020


Horizons enables you to create your own newsletter

Based on any topic, you can create a customized newsletter with the best quality content. The objective is to save your time as Horizons becomes your own filtering assistant that works for you!

  1. SELECT YOUR INFLUENCERS : select a few people/publications you enjoy and let the tool find a network of similar influencers.
  2. PICK YOUR KEYWORDS : choose the keywords you want to know about and watch as the real-time recommendations come in to compliment your choices
  3. PUBLISH YOUR NEWSLETTERS : receive your own daily newsletter with the best custom news 

The "Full View" magazine page allows you to vote on articles, hide them and share them on your social networking accounts, great for content curation. Everything you do on this page teaches the recommendation engine how to adapt this specific magazine to your tastes.

The Discovery package that allows you to personalize three distinct newsletters costs $5/month. You can get a 14 days free trial.


Image d'un ordinateur avec Faveeo Horizons - Inovae 2020


What is the difference between Faveeo and a Search Engine?

First, it will push new quality content to you as soon as it appears, so you don't have to search over and over again for your favourite topics, Faveeo searches and discovers content for you.
Second, users can only search about concepts and topics they actually know. This might seem obvious, but for researchers, students and people looking to learn the details about something, it's challenging and especially time consuming to find the proper keywords to use. Again, Faveeo enlarges your perception and give you access to pertinent content that can interest you.


Amandine Buisson
Amandine Buisson
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