Tip #2 - Klaxoon, the meeting participative and fun approach

9 June 2020 - by Amandine Buisson
Amandine Buisson
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As experts in digital solutions and collaborative tools, Inovae has decided to share its experience and give you some tips on tools that can make you more efficient. Today, we want to highlight the Klaxoon collaborative software.

Launched in 2014, this French start-up has quickly made a name for itself with its knowledge-sharing software tools, now used in more than 110 countries. The story, which began in Rennes, is a good example of both commercial and technological success, since Klaxoon now boasts international awards for its innovations. Very well established in large companies, in which the software finds its best target, Klaxoon has even joined Microsoft and its suite to further establish its credibility with professionals.


Boost exchanges and participation

Klaxoon is a collaborative software that has revolutionised the way to organise corporate meetings. Its mission: make team meetings more efficient by focusing on collaboration between all the team members and on a more playful aspect. It is, above all, an idea in which everyone should be able to participate; where ideas come together and where collaboration is the master.

According to statistics regarding business meetings, almost one in three participants remains silent and around 80% go about their business during the meeting. Klaxoon’s goal is to revolutionise this dynamic and move participants from spectator mode to actor, involved in reflections, ideas and choices. The tool is perfect for unleashing creativity, collecting the right inputs or even sharing collective intelligence.


A totally mobile tool

At Inovae, we are currently in a stimulating period of brainstorming since we are working on our brand image and our identity. With teams in Geneva and other European countries, we used Klaxoon to unite our employees and create a dynamic during our workshops. What we appreciated is that the sessions are organised online, so there are no more borders. Klaxoon allows you to join your meeting by invitation with a single click, without having to create an account or download an application. You can therefore invite traveling collaborators or external partners. Everyone can express themselves and react in real time via a digital whiteboard, using their smartphone, tablet or computer.https://klaxoon.com/

Image d'illustration Klaxoon - Inovae


Survey, test, brainstorm

Different formats are available to liven up your sessions. Klaxoon is associated with a whole range of functionalities allowing, among other things, to set up quizzes, surveys, collective challenges, etc. The tool provides adapted, visual and intuitive interfaces to manage the session and make it more cooperative.

Meeting, increase collaboration in meetings

The application allows you to integrate your presentation or create one from scratch. Everything is thought to boost participation with voting questions, polls, challenges, word cloud. Everyone views the same content, reacts and discovers the opinion of the group in real time. Multiple functions are available to manage time and punctuate the meeting: stopwatch, countdown, pause…

Brainstorm, from idea to action

For example, you can start the session by asking an open question and each participant can contribute with their ideas by instantly adding keywords, photos or videos to an infinite whiteboard. Upstream, you can choose the colours, categories and other important information, which will then allow you to sort the results. Display modes, filters, categories, dimensions, votes ... smart sorts allow you to structure ideas.

Quiz, survey, adventure ... challenge collective intelligence

Test your knowledge and learn from each other's experience. This tool is great for testing the level of knowledge of your learners in various forms (optional question, ranking, blank text, drag-and-drop, categorisation, collective challenges, course), before or after a training. All the answers are concentrated in a dynamic and intelligent way to facilitate their analysis.

Network, continue outside meetings

This tool offers the possibility of creating a real content aggregator network. For example, after a training or a meeting, you can invite the people who attended it to continue the discussions on this network, without a time limit. Each member of the team can therefore continue thinking and contribute to the group's work independently, wherever they are.


You can now take advantage of a 90-day free trial to discover the features and decide if Klaxoon meets your needs. You will have immediate access to the entire suite of collaborative tools and also a support program dedicated to setting up telework.



Amandine Buisson
Amandine Buisson
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