Tip #1 - Slack, the pioneer of team collaboration software

25 May 2020 - by Kian Rieben
Kian Rieben
Image d'illustration Slack - Inovae

Expert in digital solutions and collaborative tools, Inovae has decided to share its experience and give you some tips on the tools that can make you more efficient. Today, we want to highlight the collaboration software Slack, which we use daily.


Created in 2014, the Californian company won its unicorn status (start-up valued at more than a billion dollars) in record time: 8 months. Opening Slack when you arrive at the office has become the routine of millions of employees around the world. In five years, it has established itself as a working tool and has relegated internal emails to the has-been status. According to the consulting firm Fabernovel, if Slack is so successful, it is due to the intuitive design of the application, but also to the cool culture that it conveys. 

Image d'illustration de Slack - Inovae


Slack is a collaborative platform that centralizes and facilitates business exchanges. It combines the advantages of electronic mail, the responsiveness of instant messaging and the accessibility of social networks, all presented in a minimalist interface. Slack is also distinguished by its openness to third-party services, it is possible to integrate and use other applications on the messaging system.

For Inovae, the key elements of Slack are: 

  • conversations organized in discussion forums, called channels 
  • browser history 
  • sharing PDF, images, videos and other types of files 
  • audio or video calls and screen sharing 
  • search mode 
  • sharing of conversation channels with regular professional partners (companies, customers, suppliers, etc.) 
  • Integration with Bitbucket for reports sent directly to the corresponding Slack chain
  • Integration with Confluence for notifications of updates directly in Slack


What's really interesting about Slack is that the platform allows companies to make a real organizational transformation. 

On the cultural level, the software embodies openness, agility and tech and allows companies to take advantage of this new culture and become digital businesses. On the structural level, Slack is accelerating the transition from a pyramid to a horizontal enterprise where all people at all levels can interact with each other with fewer hierarchical barriers. 
This flattening of the hierarchy by the appearance of vertical and transversal shortcuts has been observed in the context of forced telework during the Covid-19 crisis within large companies which were very foreign to this practice. Could forced telework lead to an organizational transformation of businesses? This is almost evident, but it will obviously depend on the response given by each organization. Will your organization be able to seize this opportunity for change? 

Note that Slack offers a free version of its application, with some limited functionalities.


Kian Rieben
Kian Rieben
Director & Partner

Co-founder of Inovae, Kian uses his anthropological approach of technologies to integrate each project into concrete realities.

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