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8 February 2021 - by
Sally coup de coeur

The site

The Swiss version of the World Wildlife Fund was redesigned in 2019 to add dynamism and a improved content structure using Drupal 8.


What I like

The real storytelling for each endangered animal, consisting of videos, clear key figures, related articles and a link to an easy-to-use donation page.


But also...

  • The recommendation guide for sustainable consumption, detailing each fish as well as the label that allows us to consume them from a sustainable source in Switzerland.

  • The donation page, so clear that it would be impossible to go wrong. WWF has decided to remove the main menu on this page, a strategic choice that keeps the user on the page and encourages them to complete their donation before being distracted by the content of the site.

  • The menu is so much more engaging than the official version of the website, geared towards the user and his own power, rather than simple information on the organisation and its activities.​​​​​​​

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