Inovae launches its new visual identity and brand new website!

26 October 2020 - by
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Here we are, after months of work, we have just launched our new website!

It is the result of several months of challenging and questioning. We started last spring with lively team brainstorming and a satisfaction survey sent to our clients. Our goal was to challenge ourselves and rethink our DNA, our values and objectives; always with the priority of optimizing our relationship and trust with the client.

After 10 years of existence, we wanted to change our positioning and find an image that better suits us: modern and dynamic; simple and efficient.

Below are some key elements to introduce the project:

A font that asserts the logo

We opted for a font that has character and imposes its style while providing great readability. Created in August 2020, so very recent, the Blackpast seduced us with its cutouts that give an original and sharp side.

Logo Inovae

A symbolic element

The idea of a symbol including all the letters of the word INOVAE was born during a walk and quickly sketched on a piece of paper! The O contains all the other letters as the inclusive aperture value it represents encompasses the other Inovae values. This symbol evokes the manufactured character of our deliverables, tailor-made and carefully structured. More symbolically, for some it evokes origami, for others, the Vitruvian man.

Logo symbole

Warm colours that inspire solidity and energy

Brown is a colour we wanted to explore. Rarely used, this colour expresses naturalness, tradition, solidity and stability. Brown is known as one of the few colours that we never get tired of!

We have associated it with yellow, a positive colour that represents joy, energy and dynamism.


The fingerprint

It reinforces the manufactured dimension of our products. Like a craftsman who inevitably leaves his imprints on the object he has created.

It represents for us our human side, our personality and the Inovae touch!


The minimalist approach: simplify for better impact

Our new identity is based on the essence of minimalism. We have chosen to reduce visual elements that may be superfluous such as photos, images or pictograms to get to the point. Our goal: focus on clarity and readability.

The focus on content

We based our approach on prioritizing information and writing content. The challenge is to ensure that each visitor can find the information he needs, as simply as possible. The content of the main pages has been written to be concise to simplify the reading.

And we created a service page, and products pages which present what Inovae is doing and our main products as website development, but also collaborative network, design system, custom poster tool, audit, training…

Those pages can have quite a lot of content because our goal is to share our expertise and make technology accessible to everyone. We want that visitors who know what they are searching can find technical answers and concrete proposals.

We let you discover the site and navigate through the pages...

We are very interested in your feedback and comments so please send us your comments via the contact form.


Thanks to all,

The Inovae team

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